Air Vent Phone Mounts an Over View

As a driver, keeping your hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road is essential. This is why many drivers use phone mounts to keep their phones in a safe and accessible place.

There are many different phone mounts on the market, but not all are created equal. Keeping your windscreen clear and fully accessible is a must. It would help if you did not create artificial blindspots that will affect your view or make any blinds.

When it comes to finding the best phone mount for your car, there are a lot of factors to consider. But for Private Hire (PCO), Uber Drivers and taxi drivers, the main concern is finding the best phone mount that is affordable and functional.

How do Air Vent Phone Mounts help drivers?

Air vent phone mounts are a popular accessory for drivers as they provide a convenient and safe way to use a smartphone for navigation and ride hailing apps (ride share apps London and word wide) while driving. Here are some benefits of using an Air Vent Phone Mount:

  • Safe and secure: Air vent mounts are designed to hold the phone securely in place and prevent it from slipping or falling while driving. Plus, it will give you full access to your front windscreen.
  • Hands-free: Using an air vent mount eliminates the need to hold a phone while driving, allowing the driver to focus on the road.
  • Stop Overheating: It will help your phone get overheated during the Summer and even in the Sunlight. Since you are connected to Air Vent, switch on the Air conditioner, which will cool up your phone.
  • Easy to install: Air vent mounts are easy to install and do not require any complicated setup. They clip onto the car’s air vent and are ready to use.
  • Accessibility: An air vent mount places the phone in a convenient and easily accessible location, allowing the driver to easily reach the phone while driving.
  • Compatibility: Most air vent mounts are designed to be compatible with a variety of phone models and sizes, making them the versatile accessory for drivers.

Why do PCO Drivers and Taxi Drivers get more benefits from it?

In the Private Hire Drivers and Vehicle handbook ( Published by TfL for Private Hire – PCO Drivers ) there is a section that clearly indicates Windscreen vision and regulation (Windscreen vision – Page 33).

Clear sight is a must. Annex 6 of the Highway Code, which deals with vehicle maintenance, says, ‘windscreens and windows must be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision’. That means you should not put or fix anything on to your windscreen that will stop you from being able to see the road ahead. This includes Mobile phones, Sat Nav, Windscreen based dash cams and other devices that will reduce your vision.

Based on our findings, for best practice and safety concern to stop building artificial blind sports in the windscreen and front vision.

See below image for your reference how Vent Phone Mounts Keep Clear vision.

Overall, air vent phone mounts provide a safe and convenient way for drivers to use their smartphones while driving. They help drivers avoid distractions and focus on the road, making them a valuable accessory for anyone who uses a smartphone based navigation system while driving.

Air Vent Phone Holder in Action

This blog post will explore seven of the best value air vent phone holders on the market today. Not only are these mounts cheap, but they also offer a variety of features that make them ideal for PCO and taxi drivers. So if you require a new phone mount, check out our top seven picks below!

YOSH Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mounts

YOSH Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mounts
YOSH Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mounts – Click here to View Full Product info and Images

YOSH Magnetic Car Phone Mount Holder is a universal magnetic phone mount that can be used with any smartphone, regardless of the case. It uses four N50 magnets to hold your device securely and has a compact magnetic field design to keep it from interfering with other devices, such as credit cards and speakers.

The YOSH car phone holder features soft rubber (silicon type: 50D) that protects your air vent and phone from scratches. Equipped with superior heat resistance protects YOSH magnetic phone holder from deformation.

YOSH Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mounts Features

  • Stay Connected on the Road – Safely keep your phone within reach while driving. This car phone mount holder, is easy to install and even easier to use. The magnetic air vent attachment makes it the perfect choice for any vehicle.
  • Easy to Install – The car phone mount holder is easy to install in just a few seconds. Attach the magnetic air vent clip to your car’s ventilation system, and you’re ready to go.
  • Universal Fit – The car phone mount holder is designed to fit most smartphones on the market, including the latest iPhone 13/12 models.
  • Magnetic Air Vent Attachment – Keep your device secure while you drive with the powerful magnetism

YOSH Magnetic Car Vent Phone Rating and Cost



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Over 50,000 Rating

Eono Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mounts

Looking for a safe and stable way to mount your phone in your car? Look no further than the Eono Magnetic Car Phone Holder. This holder uses a screw-lock system to attach to your car’s vent blades and features triangle-structure clamps with thickened shockproof rubber to keep your phone secure.

Additionally, it employs six powerful N52 magnets to keep your phone in place. So whether you’re driving on bumpy roads or need a hands-free way to use your GPS, the Eono Magnetic Car Phone Holder is the perfect solution.

Eono Magnetic Car Phone Holder Features

  • Universal Car Vent Phone Mount – This magnetic car phone holder is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a universally compatible phone mount attached to their car’s air vents. The 2022 upgraded clips ensure your phone never falls off, and the super strong magnet power secures it.
  • Never Fall off – The screw-lock system and stable triangle-structure clamps with thickened shockproof rubber keep your phone firmly attached, even when driving across rough roads. Re-tightening the vent clips every two weeks is recommended to ensure stability.
  • Strong Magnet Power – The magnetic car phone holder uses 6 N52 magnets to keep your phone in place. This ensures that your phone will remain securely fastened to the holder even on bumpy roads.

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Over 750 Rating

Kinizuxi Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Holder

Kinizuxi Car Phone Holder is made from the most advanced, durable, sturdy ABS+PC+zinc alloy materials.

With Five built-in strong magnets, our car phone holder can maximum bearing up to the weight of four cell phones. Your device’s signal will not be affected despite the strong magnetic force. When driving on a bumpy road, you will no longer have to worry about your phone wobbling or falling off the smartphone holder. This magnetic car phone holder with thickened silicone retaining clip securely holds your phone on the air vent, preventing it from falling off while driving.

The mobile phone holder magnet car clips with rubber buffers protect your phone and the ventilation from scratches. Even if you hit a bump or a sharper curve, this car holder for phones maintains its stability.

Kinizuxi Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mounts Features

  • Keep Your Phone Handy – Whether using GPS or listening to music, this car phone holder will ensure your phone is within easy reach. Five powerful magnets keep your phone firmly in place so you can concentrate on the road.
  • 360° Rotation for Easy Viewing – The car phone holder is designed with 360° rotation, giving you easy access to all your phone’s features while you drive.
  • Kinizuxi Quality – Kinizuxi Promises they use only the highest-quality materials in our car phone holders. Our products are built to last and withstand even the bumpiest of roads.
  • Protect Your Phone – The thickened silicone clip and rubber buffers protect your phone and the vents from scratches and damage. You can rest assured that your device is safe and sound when using our car phone holder.

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Over 75 Rating

MOKPR Air Vent Phone Mounts with 15W Fast Wireless Charger

Are you looking for a fast and safe way to charge your phone while on the go? Look no further than the Wireless Car Charger, MOKPR 15W Fast charger and air vent phone holder. This top-of-the-line car charger mount uses advanced technology to identify and charge your device quickly and safely.

The 15W Wireless Fast Charging is perfect for LG V50 / V40 / V30 / V40 / G8 / G7 devices, while the 10W wireless charging is ideal for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 / S22 / S21 / S20+ / S20 / Note 10 models. And if you have an iPhone 14 or later, it can charge at 7.5W. The 360 -degree rotating and pivoting ball joint make finding the perfect viewing angle easy.

The arms and foot auto-clamp together, making attaching to your car’s vent easy. So why wait? Order your Wireless Car Charger, MOKPR 15W Fast charger and vent phone holder today!

MOKPR 15W Wireless Fast Car and Air Vent Phone Mounts Features

  • Compatible with Most Vents – This carbon fibre car wireless charger is compatible with most air vents. Please check the dimensions before purchase (2.36 x 1.73 x 1.73 x 1.73×1.73 x 1.26in).
  • Viewing Angle & Auto Clamping – 360 rotating and pivoting ball joint provides a stable and comfortable viewing angle without neck or eye strain while your phone is charging. The arms and foot auto clamp together, so it’s easy to attach to your car vent.
  • Fast Wireless Car Charges – Smart wireless car charger mount with the upgraded chip for safe and fast charging. Support 15W wireless Fast Charging for LG V50/V40/V30/V40 /G8/G7; 10W for Samsung Galaxy Note 20/S22/S21/S20+/S20/Note 10; 7.5W for iPhone 14/14 plus/14 pros/14 pro max/13/13 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 Pro; 5W standard wireless charging requires 5V2A adapter.
  • Safe Charging –  Intelligent identification and charging technology ensure your device remains safe while charging. Charges quickly and eliminates the need to fumble with cords while driving.

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Over 625 Rating

Rainway Universal Air Vent Phone Mounts

The Rainway Magnetic Car Phone Holder is the perfect device to keep your phone in view while driving. The 360-degree swivel head lets you adjust your phone to any desired viewing angle. The car phone holder is equipped with six neodymium magnets – N52 magnets (check neodymium magnets strength chart), which create a strong suction power that keeps your phone in place, even on bumpy roads or sharp turns. The hook design also prevents the phone mount from drooping or sagging and is suitable for most car air outlets.

Rainway Universal Air Vent Phone Mounts Features

  • Sturdy Car Phone Holder – Equipped with six powerful neodymium magnets, this holder will keep your phone in place even on the bumpiest roads. No more worries about your phone flying off the holder!
  • Ultrastable Hook Design – The Rainway car phone mount features an ultra-stable hook design that will not let your phone fall off. At the same time, it solves the problem of grid sag. Compatible with 90% of car air outlets.
  • 360° Rotation for Easier Access – The flexible 360° swivel head lets you easily adjust your phone to any desired viewing angle. Keep yourself safe on the road by being able to access all your phone’s features quickly.
  • Quality Gift Idea – This magnetic phone holder makes a perfect gift for any tech lover or driver. It is easy to use and provides a stable platform for your smartphone while driving.

Rainway Universal Air Vent Phone Mounts Rating and Cost



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Over 1250 Rating

Miracase Air Vent Phone Mounts, Universal Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mounts

If you’re looking for a phone mount that securely holds your device while driving, look no further than the Miracase Vent Car Phone Holder.

Made with a metal vent clip and super-strong magnets, this holder will keep your phone in place even on the bumpiest roads. And thanks to its 360-degree rotation, you can adjust the holder to get the perfect viewing angle. Installation is a breeze – clip it onto your car’s vent and magnetically attach your phone. Plus, it’s compatible with most smartphones, even those with thick cases. So why wait? Get yourself a Miracase Vent Car Phone Holder today!

Miracase Air Vent Phone Mounts Features

  • Fall-Proof Design & Metal Vent Clip – Keep your phone secure while driving on bumpy roads with our latest 2021 design. The metal clip also holds your phone tightly to the vent.
  • Sturdy Magnetic Mount – Strong N52 Rubidium magnets keep your phone in place, making it easy to use while driving. The magnet will not affect your phone’s signal.
  • Easy Installation & 360° Rotation – Our excellent structure design makes it easy to install in just one minute. The 360-degree rotatable head gives you the best viewing angle.
  • Universal Compatibility with Thick Cases – This phone mount is compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Huawei phones, Xiaomi phones, HTC phones, LG phones, Alcatel phones, Motorola phones and Google Pixel smartphones. Even if your phone has a thick case, this car holder will still work!

Miracase Air Vent Phone Mounts Rating and Cost



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Over 5850 Rating

FLOVEME Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount with 4 Metal Plates

FLOVEME Magnetic Air Vent Magnet 4 Metal Plates is the perfect way to keep your phone safe and secure while you’re on the go. The car phone holder is equipped with 5-N52 magnets inside, which are the strongest in the market. The metal trim makes it look upscale and stylish. Magnetic solid Air Vent Mounts always ensure your phone is safe and stable, even on bumpy roads. At the same time, the soft rubber surface provides excellent friction and prevents your phone from slipping off.

The universal car phone clip is so soft that it will not hurt your air vent, and the transparent paper in the package allows the metal plate to leave no trace on your phone.

Installation is easy – stick the transparent paper on the back of your phone and attach the magnets. If you have a phone case, stick the paper on the back so that the magnets can grip your phone securely.

FLOVEME Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount Features

  • Universal Car Phone Holder – The FLOVEME Magnetic Air Vent Magnet fits almost every phone. Grip your device tightly with the help of strong magnets so it’s safe and stable.
  • Save your Air Vent – Unlike other car phone holders that use a clip, our magnetic phone holder is soft and will not damage your air vent.
  • Easy to Install – No tools required! Just stick the metal plate to the back of your phone with the included transparent paper, then attach the mount to your car’s air vent. Just stick the transparent paper on the back of your phone and attach the magnet to the back of your case or device. It’s that easy!
  • Stick Anywhere – The FLOVEME Magnetic Phone Holder has strong magnets, making it easier to stick on any metal surface. Whether in the car or home, this phone holder is perfect for keeping your device within reach.

FLOVEME Magnetic Air Vent Phone Mount Rating and Cost



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Special Offer - 41% Off

Over 3400 Rating


Choosing the suitable phone mount for general drivers, including taxi and PCO drivers, is more than just convenience – it can also add to safety. If a driver takes their eyes off the road for even a second to check their device, there’s a chance of an accident.

This is why choosing an air vent phone mount that provides convenience and stability and is easy to install is essential.

The top 7 best-value air vent phone mounts that work for PCO and taxi drivers offer excellent benefits and easy operation while remaining within budget.

All the above phone mounts are explicitly designed to meet the needs of today’s drivers, with tons of features like clip rotation or expandable grip arm. Regardless of your chosen brand, each one will help keep you safe on the roads and improve overall productivity. But as always, safety should be your priority.

Always drive responsibly and never compromise visual attention while using your devices on the go!

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